cataract double vision

Vision After Cataract Surgery

4/20/2011 · I have double vision after Cataract Surgery. What causes this? I this normal?

Double vision after cataract surgery - Eye Care - MedHelp

I had cataract surgery on my left eye six days ago and have been having double vision when I look to my left with both eyes open. If I close my right eye then I don't ...

double vision after cataract surgery - Eye Care - MedHelp

To those of you that have had the double vision improve on its own, how long did it take? And did it become better gradually or was it suddenly better? Thanks in ...

Double Vision and Ghost Images -

Cataract surgery usually will eliminate this ghost image problem. Cranial nerve palsies. ... Fluoroquinolones May Be Linked to Double Vision.

Double Vision After Cataract Surgery – What To Do?

The proper medical name for double vision after cataract surgery is diplopia. Ironically, diplopia can also occur prior to the procedure being performed. This

cataract double vision

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