what to do for sore gums

What to do about sore gum? - Yahoo! Answers

11/8/2009 · Best Answer: well you need to floss everyday to reverse the bleeding and the sore gums but see your dentist you need your teeth cleaned

What Are Treatments for Sore Gums? | eHow.com

Treatments for sore gums fall into two basic headings: those that deal with using home therapies (often with the advice and supervision of a dentist or hygienist) and ...

Sore gum, what to do? - Yahoo!7 Answers

10/11/2008 · Best Answer: Consult your dentist. You might have loosened the gums that coats your teeth, leaving you prone to tooth sensitivity and bacterial infection ...

Sore Gums – What are they? How do you get them? What can you do ...

Sore gums can be caused by many different things, from poor fitting dentures to improper oral care to gum diseases. Learn more about sore gums here.

Discovery Health "Why do you have sore gums?"

Sore gums can be a pain in the you-know-what, especially if you have no clue what's causing it. See several reasons why you might have sore gums.

What Do Sore Gums Mean? - Crest Pro Health Dental Hygiene Products

Learn more about sore gums and how to treat them at Crest Pro Health.

Sore Gums Treatment - Buzzle

9/3/2010 · Sore gums can be very painful. Hence it's important for us to know what are the sore gums treatment options that are available so that one can get rid of ...

What Is a Sore Gums Remedy for Those Over 60? | eHow.com

Sore gums at any age are painful and annoying, but soreness can be a particular problem for people over 60. Retired persons may find it harder to keep to a regular ...

What To Do When Your Child Is Having Teething Pains And Sore Gums

4/5/2011 · Infants who start to grow teeth may feel really distressed owing to the discomfort. The gums are generally soft and tender when a new tooth erupts. As a ...

What can I do to temporarily relieve pain from sore or swollen gums?

11/25/2009 · Best Answer: Try using a mouthwash. It works for me, although it does come back after a while. I know the feeling of sore gums; it's awful! Also, there's a ...

what to do for sore gums

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